June 2011

Meet the author and wine in Lignano Pineta

Published: Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It begins again in a few days the event “Meet the author and wine” in Lignano Pineta in the beautiful setting offered by Tenda Bar and, new of this year, by PalaPineta in the Park of the Sea.

For this year it was decided to keep the weekly appointment in June and July at the Tenda Bar, while, for the months of August and September to use the building of PalaPineta, which can provide more cool during the hottest days of the summer.

Thursday 9th of June at 6.30 pm starts the 13th appointment with literature, which for 12 consecutive Thursday will offer all tourists on holiday in Lignano the chance to know the recent works commented by the same writers and to taste very good wines of the DOC areas of the Region.
Mauro Corona, Mario Giordano, Sveva Casati Modignani, Antonio Caprarica, Natalino Balasso, Tullio Avoledo and Sergio Vacondio are some of the guests of this year’s Meet the author and wine, open to all and completely free.

The journalist and writer Alberto Garlini will be the presenter of this event and he will accompany authors in presenting their latest works. After the presentation and the participation of the public, which is always very active and interesting, everyone can taste the excellent wines, including the Friulano, offered by a different company of the DOC zones of the Region.

The enologist Giovanni Munisso and the sommelier Aldo Bini with his staff will explain the wines and guide author and public to tasting. In this friendly atmosphere, in a beautiful open space a short walk from the beach of Lignano Pineta, public will have the opportunity to buy the book, ask an inscription or an autograph and take a photo with the author.

If Tenda Bar is fascinating for its location, from which you can see the beach and hear the sound of the waves, PalaPineta offers visitors a green and natural environment, a small oasis of peace always a stone’s throw from the golden sand of Lignano.

Besides the meetings, public can take part also in the dinner with author and the owner of the wine company in different restaurants in the marinas of Lignano Sabbiadoro. This is also a very welcome experience both from public and from author, because the conversation is better having dinner.

The event Meet with author and wine, which takes place for thirteen years in Lignano Pineta, has always a great success, both for authors called on to act and for the location out of the ordinary and certainly very inviting. Last year 6000 people have attended the meetings and the record was 900 persons. Numbers that the event aims to beat in this new edition.

We look forward to see you in Lignano Pineta this summer.

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