October 2011

Ruotamania 2011 in Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Published: Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ruotamania Lignano

In Lignano Sabbiadoro the 3rd exhibition of cars, bicycles and motorcycles

Even this year comes back in Lignano Sabbiadoro the trade-show of the wheel, that is of cars, motorcycles and bicycles both vintage and modern.
It is, in fact, the moment of the 3rd Ruotamania, protagonist this year in Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

A new location, where exhibitors can show their jewels with two and four wheels from 21st to 30th October. Besides the stalls, visitors find this year even a covered pavilion with the exhibition of sports car racing with their accessories and spare parts, of historic vehicles, coaches and other collector’s items.

The program of the event is very rich, with exhibitions and meetings about the world of cars and various rules, but also with very entertaining moments for all visitors. In fact, in combination with this edition of Ruotamania, there will be also the music festival entitled “Artisti da Bar” (Artists of coffee bar), a song contest in which anyone can join. Like any self-respecting competition, even there there will be the selections of singers, the first weekend, the semifinals the 28th and 29th of October and the finals the 30th October, closing day of the entire event. Those who love to sing but don’t want to participate in the competition, have the chance to sing in the karaoke Friday 21st October.

In Ruotamania could not the miss the beauty contest. But visitors will not see beautiful girls, but legendary cars that will compete for the crown of the most beautiful in the two provided categories: Miss Car Italy not homologated and Miss Car Italy homologated.
This beauty contest will have as protagonists the elaborated cars, organized by the Italian Federation of Sports Tuning FITS. In Lignano it is possible to admire 100 very particular cars, aesthetically designed in the skill and taste of the owners. Only 20 of these cars will enter the final phase, according to the selection made by a jury of skilled journalists, experts of elaboration and fans. As for the final, the jury will be composed of experts of this field and visitors of Ruotamania.

Organizers of Ruotamania are sure that this novelty will meet with great success of public, because both fans of tuning and sightseers will be drawn to these particular cars.

But there are not only cars. Besides the latest models of motorcycles and bicycles, there are also exhibitors of vintage items that have shaped the history of Italy and that many visitors will remember well and the collectors, which bring to the fair in Lignano very special still working products.

Not to mention another novelty of this year, the exhibition of coaches. Even these are four-wheeled vehicles, the ancestors of our cars. Always fascinating, the carriages are now used for city tours in historical cities and for special events.

With these novelties and also thanks to the wonderful location of Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Ruotamania will be successful even this autumn, playing an important role to extend the tourist offer of the seaside resort.

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