January 2012

Events in Lignano Pineta

Published: Monday, 16 January 2012

Ended with a great success and a great satisfaction of the organizers the period of the Christmas events, starts Lignano to organize itself for the events of March, that draw a large number of visitors.

The first event of March, a tradition for the beach of Lignano, is the “Mollusc Festival” (Festa delle Cape). The big fish festival, especially of molluscs coming from the sea of Lignano and Marano Lagunare, will take place as always in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo during the first two weekends of March.
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March and Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March the fishermen association “Al Mare” of the city will offer to all the possibility to taste the typical dishes of the Adriatic for the 28th time. The specialities, cooked according to the old culinary traditions, are clams, grilled or breaded sardines, baked sardines with onions (“sarde in saor”), squids and much more.
All that served with drinks and good wines and accompany by entertainment, like the Band and the dancers of Baton Twirling Group of Lignano.

Other big event and novelty of 2012 in Lignano Pineta is Barcamania, which this year for the first time joins together with Ruotamania.
The show of small boats together with the show of the wheel from the past to nowadays, take place from 23rd to 25th of March, 30th and 31st of March and the 1st of April. Boats will be exhibited in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo, ensuring in this way adequate space for visitors and exhibitors, while cars, bikes and motorcycles will be along the entire Lungomare Kechler up to the disco Kursaal. Even the beach of Lignano will have an active part: it will be scene of demonstrations of motocross bike, 4×4 and quads, while the jet-ski will sail the sea.

For that period the apartments in Lignano of the agency Pineta will not be open yet, but anyone who wants to ask some information or book for the summer, will find the team ready. The agency, in fact, is open now and receives already the first booking requests especially from its website.

Thanks to the events in March and the good days of sun and mild temperatures, there will be many visitors in Lignano Pineta, which will take advantage to spend a day outdoors, a first taste of summer for all those who love the hot weather and already dream of beach holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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Happy New Year 2012 from Agency Pineta

Published: Monday, 2 January 2012

Feuerwerk Lignano

Feuerwerk für das neue Jahr in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Die Agentur Pineta in Lignano Sabbiadoro ist zufrieden, ein gutes neues Jahr 2012 zu wünschen.

Nach so viele Tagen von Warten, großen Vorbereitungen und einem großen Silvesterball, verabschiedeten wir uns vom alten Jahr und begrüßten wir das neues Jahr mit großer Hoffnung und Glück. In Lignano hat der Silvesterabend eine sehr schöne Party mit zahlreichen Personen auf dem Platz registriert. Piazza Fontana, seit verschiedenen Jahren Protagonist der Silvesterparty in Lignano, bat gute Musik mit DJ von Radio Metrò und drei Live Bands von jungen Leute aus dem Seebadeort. Um Mitternacht wurden mehrere Flaschen Sekt entkorkt, um an das neue Jahr anzustoßen und nach einer halben Stunde erleuchtete das Feuerwerk den Strand und das Meer von Lignano.

Die Gäste der Silvesterparty in Terrazza a Mare bewunderten die Show von einem privilegierten Ort, vom wunderbaren Speisesaal nur vom Meer umgeben. Hier, ab 21.00 Uhr, haben die Gäste zwei ausgezeichnete Menüs, ein von Fleisch und ein von Fisch, mit sehr guten Weinen und guter Musik, gekostet. Nach Mitternacht hat Terrazza a Mare die Türe geöffnet, um Musik und Unterhaltung bis zum Aufgang der Sonne kostenlos zu bieten.

Aber die Feste und die Veranstaltungen gehen weiter. 5. Januar gibt es das „Foghera“, Feuer der Anfang des Jahres, auf dem Strand von Lignano, um den Dreikönigstag zu feiern. Hier kann man auch den Glühwein trinken und eine Show von Feuer-Sticks, in einer Mischung aus sakralen und profanen, genießen. Außerdem wird auch die Befana vom Meer von Lignano mit zahlreichen Geschenken für die braven Kinder und Kohle für die böse kommen.

Neben dem Strand, wo das „Foghera“ findet statt, kann man auch die Sand- und Salzkrippe bis Sonntag 8. Januar von 10.30 bis 18.00 Uhr besuchen und auch auf der Eisbahn bis Sonntag 8. von 10.30 bis 20.00 Uhr Schlittschuh laufen.

Das Programm ist bis dem Dreikönigstag sehr reich. Aus diesem Grund lädt die Agentur Pineta Sie ein, den Strand von Lignano auch in dieser Zeit zu besuchen.

Firework Lignano

Firework to celebrate the New Year on the beach of Lignano

Agency Pineta in Lignano Sabbiadoro is glad to wish you a Happy New Year 2012.

After days of waiting, great arrangements and a rich New Year’s party, we said goodbye to the old year and welcomed with great hope and happiness the New Year. In Lignano the New Year’s Eve recorded a beautiful party with many people in the square. For this occasion, Piazza Fontana, for several years protagonist of the New Year’s Eve in Lignano, offered good music from the evening with Djs of Radio Metrò and three live bands of young boys of the seaside resort. At Midnight has been uncorked many sparkling bottles to drink a toast to the New year and after half an hour, fireworks illuminated the beach and the sea of Lignano.

Guests of the New Year’s party in Terrazza a Mare admired the show from an advantaged place, from the wonderful dining room surrounded only by the sea and by a first-class atmosphere. Here, starting from 9.00 p.m., guests have tasted two excellent menu, meat and fish, accompanied by quality wines and good music. After Midnight, Terrazza a Mare opened free its doors to offer music and fun to all until the rising of the sun.

But celebrations and events continue. January, 5th, there will be the “pignarul”, typical big bonfire of Epiphany, on the beach of Lignano. In this occasion you can taste the very good mulled wine and enjoy a show of fire sticks, in a mixture of sacred and profane. In addition, from the sea will come the Befana with many gifts for children.

Near the stretch of beach where takes place the “foghera”, you can also visit the Sand and Salt Crib open until January 8th from 10.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and ice skating on the new rink, always until January 8th from 10.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

The program until the Epiphany is very rich, for this reason agency Pineta invites you to visit the beach of Lignano even in this period, foretasting so the arrival of the summer.

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