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We are on Facebook!

Published: Thursday, 9 February 2012

Agenzia Pineta Facebook

Become a fan of the agency Pineta

From the beginning of January, the agency Pineta is on Facebook with its personal fan page!

All visitors of the website can become Fan of the agency clicking the button with the famous “f” of “Follow us on Facebook” and follow all posts that the team of the agency Pineta will publish.

On the page you find already some photos of the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro and of the recent Sand Crib, highlight of the Christmas period. With the approach of the summer season there will be more information about apartments in Lignano of the agency, about the events in the city and surroundings, special offers and all the information about the places, that make you dream the beach holiday.

Above all, those looking for the agency on Facebook, will find also the online booking. With the opening of the fan page, the agency Pineta decided to add its own Booking online. In this way, its followers can check the availability of its villas and apartments in Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera directly on the Fan page. The search engine is the same of the website, so very easy to use. A very important tool to offer a better service to users and guests. In addition, with this new page, it is more easy communicate with potential customers, who can post their questions and receive answers on the board in a short time.

But not only! On the board you can also insert reviews on your holiday in Lignano, or ask for information to reach the city, the apartments, the agency or even to report a malfunction during the stay. In short, a kind of customer care.

The presence on Facebook make easy the search by the part of growing audience that uses smart phone and tablets: in the absence of a website for mobile devices, the fan page on Facebook is the ideal solution to be found on these devices.

With the passing of the days, the page of the agency will be enriched with posts and pictures and it will be more customized to offer fans a nice place to stop and dream the holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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Happy New Year 2012 from Agency Pineta

Published: Monday, 2 January 2012

Feuerwerk Lignano

Feuerwerk für das neue Jahr in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Die Agentur Pineta in Lignano Sabbiadoro ist zufrieden, ein gutes neues Jahr 2012 zu wünschen.

Nach so viele Tagen von Warten, großen Vorbereitungen und einem großen Silvesterball, verabschiedeten wir uns vom alten Jahr und begrüßten wir das neues Jahr mit großer Hoffnung und Glück. In Lignano hat der Silvesterabend eine sehr schöne Party mit zahlreichen Personen auf dem Platz registriert. Piazza Fontana, seit verschiedenen Jahren Protagonist der Silvesterparty in Lignano, bat gute Musik mit DJ von Radio Metrò und drei Live Bands von jungen Leute aus dem Seebadeort. Um Mitternacht wurden mehrere Flaschen Sekt entkorkt, um an das neue Jahr anzustoßen und nach einer halben Stunde erleuchtete das Feuerwerk den Strand und das Meer von Lignano.

Die Gäste der Silvesterparty in Terrazza a Mare bewunderten die Show von einem privilegierten Ort, vom wunderbaren Speisesaal nur vom Meer umgeben. Hier, ab 21.00 Uhr, haben die Gäste zwei ausgezeichnete Menüs, ein von Fleisch und ein von Fisch, mit sehr guten Weinen und guter Musik, gekostet. Nach Mitternacht hat Terrazza a Mare die Türe geöffnet, um Musik und Unterhaltung bis zum Aufgang der Sonne kostenlos zu bieten.

Aber die Feste und die Veranstaltungen gehen weiter. 5. Januar gibt es das „Foghera“, Feuer der Anfang des Jahres, auf dem Strand von Lignano, um den Dreikönigstag zu feiern. Hier kann man auch den Glühwein trinken und eine Show von Feuer-Sticks, in einer Mischung aus sakralen und profanen, genießen. Außerdem wird auch die Befana vom Meer von Lignano mit zahlreichen Geschenken für die braven Kinder und Kohle für die böse kommen.

Neben dem Strand, wo das „Foghera“ findet statt, kann man auch die Sand- und Salzkrippe bis Sonntag 8. Januar von 10.30 bis 18.00 Uhr besuchen und auch auf der Eisbahn bis Sonntag 8. von 10.30 bis 20.00 Uhr Schlittschuh laufen.

Das Programm ist bis dem Dreikönigstag sehr reich. Aus diesem Grund lädt die Agentur Pineta Sie ein, den Strand von Lignano auch in dieser Zeit zu besuchen.

Firework Lignano

Firework to celebrate the New Year on the beach of Lignano

Agency Pineta in Lignano Sabbiadoro is glad to wish you a Happy New Year 2012.

After days of waiting, great arrangements and a rich New Year’s party, we said goodbye to the old year and welcomed with great hope and happiness the New Year. In Lignano the New Year’s Eve recorded a beautiful party with many people in the square. For this occasion, Piazza Fontana, for several years protagonist of the New Year’s Eve in Lignano, offered good music from the evening with Djs of Radio Metrò and three live bands of young boys of the seaside resort. At Midnight has been uncorked many sparkling bottles to drink a toast to the New year and after half an hour, fireworks illuminated the beach and the sea of Lignano.

Guests of the New Year’s party in Terrazza a Mare admired the show from an advantaged place, from the wonderful dining room surrounded only by the sea and by a first-class atmosphere. Here, starting from 9.00 p.m., guests have tasted two excellent menu, meat and fish, accompanied by quality wines and good music. After Midnight, Terrazza a Mare opened free its doors to offer music and fun to all until the rising of the sun.

But celebrations and events continue. January, 5th, there will be the “pignarul”, typical big bonfire of Epiphany, on the beach of Lignano. In this occasion you can taste the very good mulled wine and enjoy a show of fire sticks, in a mixture of sacred and profane. In addition, from the sea will come the Befana with many gifts for children.

Near the stretch of beach where takes place the “foghera”, you can also visit the Sand and Salt Crib open until January 8th from 10.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and ice skating on the new rink, always until January 8th from 10.30 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

The program until the Epiphany is very rich, for this reason agency Pineta invites you to visit the beach of Lignano even in this period, foretasting so the arrival of the summer.

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New site for the new summer season in Lignano

Published: Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The agency Pineta introduces itself to its guests and all tourists with a new website rich in news, pictures and descriptions of its apartments in Lignano Pineta and Riviera.
An internet site very clear and easy to read and surf have been the requests of the agency in Lignano Pineta, which wanted offer its guests not only a site where watch houses and apartments, but a tool to choose and book the holiday in the city. Both goals have been reached and now the agency can show a website with all useful information to book an apartment in Lignano and spend pleasant beach holiday.

The most important part concerns the rental of villas, houses and apartments in Lignano, where guests can watch the location of the buildings on the map of the city, a brief description and the offered services of the accommodations at a glance.
Besides it is possible to make a first creaming off of the accommodations: you can choose if spend the holiday in Lignano Pineta or in Lignano Riviera. Both areas are characterized by the presence of an autochthonous pine wood, a large green zone that refresh and shade the seaside resort and offers the chance to stroll in the nature.

To obtain more information about an apartment or a villa, it’s enough to click on the photo of the building in the list and it appears a detailed page with many pictures of the interiors, the location on the map of Lignano and the prices for each season. In addition, on this page you can check the availability of the chosen building and send an information request direct to the agency. There are also special offers, ideal for a cheap holiday in one of the comfortable apartments in Lignano Pineta or Riviera, and who want to spend the holiday with Fido, can find many accommodations with garden where also dogs can have a beautiful stay.

The agency Pineta is specialized in offering villas and apartments for rent in Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera, the two green areas of the seaside resort, suitable for the holiday of families that look for a quiet stay few steps from the beach. All houses are located only few metres from the beach, offer very good furnishings with modern services and are surrounded by gardens.
But in these two areas tourists can find also amusement places for young people: in Lignano Pineta there are clubs and cafés, destination of many young tourists and inhabitants of Lignano, while at the beginning of Riviera there is one of the most beloved discotheque, the Kursaal, that with his parties and the Mokambo on Sunday afternoon ensures music and dances until late at night.

With the agency Pineta you can find the right apartment in Lignano Pineta or villa in Lignano Riviera for a pleasant summer holiday.

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