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See you the next summer in Lignano Pineta!

Published: Friday, 12 October 2012

The summer is over for a while and in Lignano leaves begin to fall off, but the most amazing thing is the empty beach, without beach umbrellas and sun-beds.

A completely different landscape from the summer, but which offers wonderful images and the opportunity to walk and to do a horse ride.
In Lignano Pineta most part of the shops on the shopping street, “treno”, closed for the winter season, but some bar and restaurant is still open and allows you to taste an excellent coffee and very good dishes.

If during the summer in Lignano Pineta is not so easy to find peace and silence, now there is not problem. From a distance you can hear the sound of the waves of the sea and of the call of the seagulls, the leaves fall to the ground and only a few cars on the main street.

In fact, this surreal landscape you can find it even in the summer, especially in the famous spiral streets. Along these streets immersed in the green of the native pine wood, also during the main summer months, you do not hear the noise of the city and the beach, although they are just a few metres away.

In this area of Lignano Pineta there are many apartments for rent for the summer holiday and they offer the opportunity to enjoy an amusing stay a short walk from the beach and the shops, without sacrificing the quiet day and night. In fact, in the beautiful gardens of the apartments and villas, you can have a snooze during the afternoon and the evening is the right moment for a barbecue with friends or for a relaxing moment under the stars.

Now, in October, it is beautiful to stroll along these streets and discover all apartments and villas for rent offered by the many tourist agencies in Lignano, as the agency Pineta.
Slowly, with a mild climate, you can already choose the accommodation for the next summer holiday, looking at the location, the garden, the size of the house and the possibility of parking.

In addition, you can realize immediately how, with only a short walk, you can reach the beach of Lignano Pineta and the shopping street. It is all so closed and easy to reach to foot or by bike, that the car can be left in the parking until the end of the holiday.

In Lignano now you can mix business with pleasure: a beautiful walk outdoor surrounded by nature offers you the chance to get the picture of the house for the next summer. If you want, you can already book it and make sure your relaxing spot in Pineta.

For any information the agency Pineta will be on hand throughout the year and in the meantime wishes you all a good winter and see you next summer at the beach in Lignano.

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Autumn in Lignano, time for walks and sport

Published: Friday, 18 November 2011

Even during the autumn months it is nice to make a tour in Lignano Sabbiadoro.
You can see the city and the beach from another point of view: the city is not full of people, there are few cars and the air has the typical autumnal fragrance, mixed, however, with salt of the sea and the scent of pines.

Many people think that a seaside resort as Lignano is nice to visit only during the summer, when the sun, the heat and the fun are at the height of their power. Instead, even during the rest of the year, the beach is able to give relaxing moments, very special landscapes and the possibility to do outdoor sports.

In fact, temperatures are not so harsh as to force people to stay at home and, especially after lunch, you can see several people running or walking along the streets of Lignano, from the green Riviera to the centre of Sabbiadoro, always beating heart of the city, but much more quiet now. The sun is high and you still feel its warmth, the climate is dry and you can breathe a fresh air that scents of maritime pine.

Those who choose to run on the beach, derive very much benefit from the sand, that makes work and strengthens all the muscles of the foot and leg. Of course, we suggest to run where the sand is hard, that is on the shore, so as not to strain too much the Achilles tendon. Even a walk on the beach is good for the body, both for muscles and for the respiratory system: the fresh air rich in iodine and very clean of these months is an effective remedy and also give a certain liveliness.

The lovers of bicycle take advantage of these days of sun to discover all the hidden places of Lignano. From the mouth of the river Tagliamento they ride the last bends on a wide paved road surrounded by reed beds and pine wood, then continue on the banks leading to the canal, the natural border of the town. Other paths on small banks lead to the lagoon, where admire a marvellous landscape.

While those who want to see the sand of the beach of Lignano without beach umbrellas, sun beds and deck chairs, use the cycle path of the seafront in Sabbiadoro and Pineta. The beach makes one feel strange: the winds form the dunes, the beach bars and the fixed equipments such as the playgrounds for children are closed, at various point, on windy days, the waves reach up to half of the beach and you hear only the sound of the sea and the cry of gulls.

In this period the beach is also the ideal place for the dogs, which can have fun with their masters. Running on the sand, completely free, or a walk on a leash.
Or even a horse ride, why not? In Lignano and surroundings there are several riding schools that provide their own horses for a ride in groups in the seaside resort, both on the roads and on the beach.

When the sun goes down or if blows the bora wind, the cafés offer the perfect cover to keep warm with a good coffee, a tea or a hot chocolate on comfortable sofas.

Even during the coldest months offers Lignano a beautiful landscape, ideal for a day trip with friends to discover a different city.

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