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Last days of fun in Lignano Pineta

Published: Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The summer is still here in Lignano Pineta: the beach is full of people and especially during the weekends the shopping street swarms with people wakling, almost more than in August.

In this joyous atmosphere, which does not suggest the arrival of autumn and school, Lignano offers events for the fun of all.

The first event is the Fete Blanche, a big party Saturday, September 15, with music, fun and dress code white.
This party comes directly from the French Riviera, but the success was on the lake Wörthersee in Austria with over 3.000 young people dressed in white from head to toe. Of course all this accompanied by dance music and entertainment in total white clubs. In Lignano the disco Mr. Charlie will be the main place of the party and for this occasion it will be transformed into a dazzling white disco.

To better start your evening, you can book a table for the dinner, always at Mr. Charlie, scheduled at 8.30 pm and at 10 pm starts the party with the DJ Sandro Logar and Simon Adams. A lot of fun and music up at dawn!

The Sunday, while young people of the Fete Blance sleep, professional athletes and amateurs can take part in the marathon Sun & Run, which, for the first time, joins the two sea promenades of Lignano Pineta and Lignano Sabbiadoro.
The course, which starts from the Kursaal in Pineta, goes in the pine wood of GeTur Village and continues on Lungomare Trieste in Sabbiadoro. The race, open to all, has two different courses: one for the professional athletes and another for the amateurs, which can carry it out at free pace.

Those, who want to participate, have to wake up early! At 8 am there is the distribution of the numbers, while the start is at 10 am. At noon there will be prize-giving with a weekend in Lignano in the summer 2013 for the first place.

For all participants there will be other prizes, such as the shirt technique for professional athletes, the t-shirt for amateurs and many gadgets for children. Half a day in the open air, between pine wood and beach of Lignano. A real beauty!

After a party and a race, Lignano Pineta offers also a nice outdoor concert.
September 21, is the moment of the choir „Sand of Gospel“ in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo. This choir is very particular because is composed by young people and adults of Lignano, who approached to gospel music for a few years. It will be a time to get to know the singers of the city and applaud their enthusiasm and application.

All these events offer tourists the opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend of end of summer. The beach and the apartments in Lignano Pineta still welcome many guests, who can spend a few day of holiday at cheaper prices and enjoy beautiful events for young people and for families.

Although the highlight of the summer months are over, in Lignano Pineta the event continues for a few more weeks, offering tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beach, the city and the sun until the last day.

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Meetings with writer and wine in Lignano Pineta

Published: Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Incontri con l'autore e con il vino Lignano Pineta

Books and wine on the seashore in Lignano Pineta

It starts this week, June, Thursday 14th, the traditional summer event of Lignano Pineta “Incontri con l’Autore e con il Vino”. A nice opportunity to know the new stories of authoritative Italian writers and journalists together with a good glass of wine from the wineries of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

As for several years, the weekly meetings take place mainly at Tenda Bar, meeting point of the young people on holiday in Lignano the evening, while the encounters of June and August will be at PalaPineta, beautiful building immersed in the green Parco del Mare.

Both places are easily reachable on foot and with bicycle from the apartments in Lignano Pineta and are a short walk from the beach and the shopping street.

Meetings start at 6.30 pm, the ideal moment to come back from the beach and sit with a good book presented by its author and an excellent wine, this one also presented by expert sommeliers.

The audience actively participates in meetings in Lignano Pineta: it is not a mere presentation, but a meeting between the author and the audience, moderated by different figures. There are so questions, ideas and exchanges of views between the two parties and in the end, as each presentation, autographs, photos and the possibility to buy the book.

All this while sommeliers explain the wines and present the winery.

June, Thursday 14th, first day with the event “Incontri con l’Autore e con il Vino”, is the moment of Antonio D’Olivo, journalist Rai and film reviewer who present its book “Lungomare Trieste n.12”, while the winery is RoncSoreli in Prepotto.

We wait for you in Lignano Pineta to spend the beach holiday and to attend these special meetings, where the writing meets the good wine.

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Events in Lignano Pineta

Published: Monday, 16 January 2012

Ended with a great success and a great satisfaction of the organizers the period of the Christmas events, starts Lignano to organize itself for the events of March, that draw a large number of visitors.

The first event of March, a tradition for the beach of Lignano, is the “Mollusc Festival” (Festa delle Cape). The big fish festival, especially of molluscs coming from the sea of Lignano and Marano Lagunare, will take place as always in Lignano Pineta in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo during the first two weekends of March.
Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March and Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March the fishermen association “Al Mare” of the city will offer to all the possibility to taste the typical dishes of the Adriatic for the 28th time. The specialities, cooked according to the old culinary traditions, are clams, grilled or breaded sardines, baked sardines with onions (“sarde in saor”), squids and much more.
All that served with drinks and good wines and accompany by entertainment, like the Band and the dancers of Baton Twirling Group of Lignano.

Other big event and novelty of 2012 in Lignano Pineta is Barcamania, which this year for the first time joins together with Ruotamania.
The show of small boats together with the show of the wheel from the past to nowadays, take place from 23rd to 25th of March, 30th and 31st of March and the 1st of April. Boats will be exhibited in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo, ensuring in this way adequate space for visitors and exhibitors, while cars, bikes and motorcycles will be along the entire Lungomare Kechler up to the disco Kursaal. Even the beach of Lignano will have an active part: it will be scene of demonstrations of motocross bike, 4×4 and quads, while the jet-ski will sail the sea.

For that period the apartments in Lignano of the agency Pineta will not be open yet, but anyone who wants to ask some information or book for the summer, will find the team ready. The agency, in fact, is open now and receives already the first booking requests especially from its website.

Thanks to the events in March and the good days of sun and mild temperatures, there will be many visitors in Lignano Pineta, which will take advantage to spend a day outdoors, a first taste of summer for all those who love the hot weather and already dream of beach holidays in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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Ruotamania 2011 in Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro

Published: Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ruotamania Lignano

In Lignano Sabbiadoro the 3rd exhibition of cars, bicycles and motorcycles

Even this year comes back in Lignano Sabbiadoro the trade-show of the wheel, that is of cars, motorcycles and bicycles both vintage and modern.
It is, in fact, the moment of the 3rd Ruotamania, protagonist this year in Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

A new location, where exhibitors can show their jewels with two and four wheels from 21st to 30th October. Besides the stalls, visitors find this year even a covered pavilion with the exhibition of sports car racing with their accessories and spare parts, of historic vehicles, coaches and other collector’s items.

The program of the event is very rich, with exhibitions and meetings about the world of cars and various rules, but also with very entertaining moments for all visitors. In fact, in combination with this edition of Ruotamania, there will be also the music festival entitled “Artisti da Bar” (Artists of coffee bar), a song contest in which anyone can join. Like any self-respecting competition, even there there will be the selections of singers, the first weekend, the semifinals the 28th and 29th of October and the finals the 30th October, closing day of the entire event. Those who love to sing but don’t want to participate in the competition, have the chance to sing in the karaoke Friday 21st October.

In Ruotamania could not the miss the beauty contest. But visitors will not see beautiful girls, but legendary cars that will compete for the crown of the most beautiful in the two provided categories: Miss Car Italy not homologated and Miss Car Italy homologated.
This beauty contest will have as protagonists the elaborated cars, organized by the Italian Federation of Sports Tuning FITS. In Lignano it is possible to admire 100 very particular cars, aesthetically designed in the skill and taste of the owners. Only 20 of these cars will enter the final phase, according to the selection made by a jury of skilled journalists, experts of elaboration and fans. As for the final, the jury will be composed of experts of this field and visitors of Ruotamania.

Organizers of Ruotamania are sure that this novelty will meet with great success of public, because both fans of tuning and sightseers will be drawn to these particular cars.

But there are not only cars. Besides the latest models of motorcycles and bicycles, there are also exhibitors of vintage items that have shaped the history of Italy and that many visitors will remember well and the collectors, which bring to the fair in Lignano very special still working products.

Not to mention another novelty of this year, the exhibition of coaches. Even these are four-wheeled vehicles, the ancestors of our cars. Always fascinating, the carriages are now used for city tours in historical cities and for special events.

With these novelties and also thanks to the wonderful location of Marina Punta Faro in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Ruotamania will be successful even this autumn, playing an important role to extend the tourist offer of the seaside resort.

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