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Blue Flag 2011 for Lignano Sabbiadoro

Published: Thursday, 19 May 2011

Few days ago were given the Blue Flags of FEE to the “cleaner” seaside resorts in Italy and Lignano Sabbiadoro won also this year the award. The Blue Flag will wave in the city and on the beach for the entire summer; sign of a beach and city clean, healthy, nature respectful and in the search of services to make more pleasant the beach holiday.

The committee of FEE in fact assesses many requirements. The best known and most important is certainly the quality of bathing water, that is monitored also during the summer months, but in its parameters fall also the presence of a good system of waste separation, the protection of nature and the development of an environmental awareness both in citizens and in tourists that come in the resort, the presence of adequate services to the number of tourists on the beach and in the city as cycle lanes, pedestrian areas and the care of city green, the attention to disabled and then the establishment of facilities available to them, the presence of qualified lifeguards on the beaches and of high quality services, from showers to internet connection.

Requirements are many to win the European Blue Flag, and Lignano should satisfy everyone. The city has done again also this year, winning the title of “princess” of the Adriatic beaches. The long list of Blue Flag is a guarantee for the holiday in Lignano, a resort where nature plays a very special role with its pine wood and parks.

Especially in Lignano Pineta and Lignano Riviera, tourists can enjoy a quiet atmosphere, surrounded by greenery, with many cycle tracks and pedestrian streets, that cross the pine wood to the beach.

Apartments and villas in Lignano Pineta and Riviera offer large and shady gardens, ideal for the games of children and for the relaxation of adults. To respect nature, houses are not too invasive and, except some residence, they do not exceed the height of the pines.

Parco del Mare (Sea Park) in Lignano Pineta is a green area, always cool thanks to the pines, with paths for strolls, benches, fitness trails and drinking fountains. Inside this park there are tennis courts and the Palapineta, a structure where there are conferences and meetings. Parco del Mare occupies a large portion of pine wood and connects the inner part with the beach of Lignano and the centre of Pineta.

Parks like these, that preserve and enhance the nature, help the city to obtain the Blue Flag, which has been given this year also to Marina Uno, the marina in Lignano Riviera. Located on a bend of the river Tagliamento, few metres from its mouth, the marina won this award thanks to the health of its waters and especially to the presence of excellent services for all boaters that dock here.

Nature, services, clean waters and a wonderful beach make win in Lignano Sabbiadoro every year the Blue Flag. So, good holiday in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

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