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Last days of fun in Lignano Pineta

Published: Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The summer is still here in Lignano Pineta: the beach is full of people and especially during the weekends the shopping street swarms with people wakling, almost more than in August.

In this joyous atmosphere, which does not suggest the arrival of autumn and school, Lignano offers events for the fun of all.

The first event is the Fete Blanche, a big party Saturday, September 15, with music, fun and dress code white.
This party comes directly from the French Riviera, but the success was on the lake Wörthersee in Austria with over 3.000 young people dressed in white from head to toe. Of course all this accompanied by dance music and entertainment in total white clubs. In Lignano the disco Mr. Charlie will be the main place of the party and for this occasion it will be transformed into a dazzling white disco.

To better start your evening, you can book a table for the dinner, always at Mr. Charlie, scheduled at 8.30 pm and at 10 pm starts the party with the DJ Sandro Logar and Simon Adams. A lot of fun and music up at dawn!

The Sunday, while young people of the Fete Blance sleep, professional athletes and amateurs can take part in the marathon Sun & Run, which, for the first time, joins the two sea promenades of Lignano Pineta and Lignano Sabbiadoro.
The course, which starts from the Kursaal in Pineta, goes in the pine wood of GeTur Village and continues on Lungomare Trieste in Sabbiadoro. The race, open to all, has two different courses: one for the professional athletes and another for the amateurs, which can carry it out at free pace.

Those, who want to participate, have to wake up early! At 8 am there is the distribution of the numbers, while the start is at 10 am. At noon there will be prize-giving with a weekend in Lignano in the summer 2013 for the first place.

For all participants there will be other prizes, such as the shirt technique for professional athletes, the t-shirt for amateurs and many gadgets for children. Half a day in the open air, between pine wood and beach of Lignano. A real beauty!

After a party and a race, Lignano Pineta offers also a nice outdoor concert.
September 21, is the moment of the choir „Sand of Gospel“ in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo. This choir is very particular because is composed by young people and adults of Lignano, who approached to gospel music for a few years. It will be a time to get to know the singers of the city and applaud their enthusiasm and application.

All these events offer tourists the opportunity to spend a wonderful weekend of end of summer. The beach and the apartments in Lignano Pineta still welcome many guests, who can spend a few day of holiday at cheaper prices and enjoy beautiful events for young people and for families.

Although the highlight of the summer months are over, in Lignano Pineta the event continues for a few more weeks, offering tourists the opportunity to enjoy the beach, the city and the sun until the last day.

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Great success for the fireworks “Incendio del Mare” in Lignano Pineta

Published: Monday, 27 August 2012

Lignano Pineta fireworks

Fireworks in Lignano Pineta

Even this year the fireworks “Incendio del Mare” has had a considerable success and a large audience.

The evening of the fireworks in Lignano Pineta, that traditionally held on August 16, took on the beach, on the terraces of the beach-bars and in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo thousand of tourists on holiday and commuters.

The event is a must, in fact, thanks to the wonderful sceneries offered every year by many dealers of the city and to the news that always leave open-mouthed all audience, even those who see the fireworks every year.

Even this year the sea in front of the beach of Lignano Pineta caught fire with the numerous fireworks shot from Pontile a Mare, on where is located the bar Pagoda, and from two motorboats moored about 300 metres from the coast.

At 23.30 started the first crackers, but already half an hour before many people went to the beach to grab the best seats.

Between colours and sparks, of particular impacts were the red waterfalls of fire, which from the pier poured into the sea, giving the idea of a burning sea. But also some fireworks that, shot from the motorboats, floated on the water, like red and orange flames.
A very beautiful and incredible glance, so much that the public clapped this new choreography, where for a few seconds no other fireworks were shot and then was silent.
A wonderful atmosphere, in fact.

Other applause for the parachutes. Beautiful fireworks that, once exploded, left fly in the air red balloons with a golden tail, bright until they touched the sea. Children were really amazed.

Then the beautiful dialogue of luminous fountains between the Pontile a Mare and the two motorboats, a show which illuminated the sea and the beach of Lignano Pineta, not to mention the grand finale with a continuous series of colourful fireworks.

Half an hour of great show, preceded by another show of music and entertainment in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo “Aspettando i fuochi” (Waiting for the fireworks).

Tourist enjoyed this event before the fireworks “Incendio del Mare”, as well as walk along the commercial street, eat a good ice cream and shopping.

Once the show ended, the public is poured into the city centre, for a last tour with children or a drink in one of the fashion bars before going back to their apartments in Lignano Pineta.

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All is ready for the 28th Molluscs Festival

Published: Friday, 9 March 2012

Lignano Pineta

Fish of the Adriatic Sea in Lignano Pineta

With the coming of March, comes back in Lignano the traditional Molluscs Festival (Festa delle Cape). Now in its 28th year, the culinary event takes place in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo, Saturday 3th and Sunday 4th and Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of March from lunch until dinner.

As every year, fishermen will suggest the fish specialities of the Adriatic Sea, caught and prepared according to the tradition of the city. Protagonists, as always, clams, grilled or breaded sardines, baked sardines with onions, squids and many other specialities, highly appreciated by the hundreds of visitors who throng to the kitchen.

The place is marvellous: on the large square in Lignano Pineta, between the shopping street and the beach.

After having tasted the fish under the big tent, visitors can walk along the street rich in shops and discover the new summer fashions, or have a nice moment on the beach breathing the fresh and pure air.

If there will be good sunny days, sure the festival will draw a lot of people in Lignano Pineta, just to go out and start to enjoy the outdoors.

The Molluscs Festival is not only an event for the meeting of the inhabitants of Lignano after the long winter, but it is also a crowd-pulling event for tourists, who join the happiness of the party and the good quality fish with the beginning of finding accommodation for the summer.

With the warmer days, many people walk in the city and inquiry about accommodations at the agencies in Lignano. Open almost all year, agencies are ready to give information about their apartments in Lignano and to conclude rental agreements. The first who arrive, then, have often the chance to conclude good business, thanks to the special offers suggested by the agencies. In this way, you book in advance, but you have also a very advantageous price, to spend the holiday in an apartment beach-front in Lignano Pineta.

The Molluscs Festival is, so, for the city also a very important moment to introduce itself and do direct promotion, ensuring in this way a good bathing season. But sure it is a festival that grows more and more thanks to the good quality of the fish of the upper Adriatic Sea, cooked according to the most simple traditions.

Then started to lick yours chops, in Lignano Pineta the 28th Molluscs Festival is waiting for you.

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The beach of Lignano Pineta: gym and fun

Published: Monday, 29 August 2011

Lignano Pineta: sport and fun on the beach

Lignano Pineta: sport and fun on the beach

The beach of Lignano is famous for its golden colour and its softness, virtually without parallel in Italy. These features make it famous and very appreciated by tourists of all Europe, that spend there their summer holiday.

But the beach of Lignano is not only the perfect place for a perfect tan. For some year it is even more an open-air gym and place for the entertainment. Most part of beach offices from Sabbiadoro to Riviera offers a busy daily schedule of activities for adults and children and sports courses, not to mention swimming, surfing and sailing schools, that want to suggest tourists something new and amusing.

This year, particularly the beach of Lignano Pineta has been very successful in this regard, through the creation of Fun Village at the beach office 3 and 4. From June, 1st, until September, 12th, anyone can train having fun together with the prepared instructors of the team that cares of the entire animation of the beach in Lignano Pineta. From peaceful exercise, to fat-burning courses! The Fun Village offers everything and more, turning then to a wide range of tourists. At 10.00 a.m. it starts the warm-up training for muscles, then at 10.30 a.m. there is the water-gymnastic and the heartbeat intensifies at 11.00 a.m. with super-gymnastic, a perfect mix between aerobics and stretching. After the amusing dance lesson at 11.30 a.m., courses stop during the hottest hours of the day, allowing tourists to come back in their apartments in Lignano Pineta, have lunch and take a rest. It starts again at 16.15 with the water-gymnastic, dance again at 17.00 and at 17.30, for those who missed the morning class, the day ends with the super-gymnastic, a concentrated of gymnastic to expel all the toxins and to burn fat.

These courses are for adults, while for children there is another programme, made of games and fun together in mini-clubs open from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.30. Parents can let their children in the hands of animation team, which suggests group activities, card games, sports competitions and moments of free play, promoting friendship among all children who attend the mini-club.

Of course, the beach of Lignano is well suited to those who want to train alone: early morning and evening there are many who run or stroll fast on the seashore. In addition, during the less crowded period, there were also groups making yoga and Oriental techniques like Qi Gong for the maintenance of good health, which physical and mental benefits are accentuated by the sea air.

For the fun, in Lignano Pineta there is the Pala Village inside the green Parco del Mare (Sea Park) with the free evening entertainment. At 21.30 is the moment for children with baby dance, while at 22.00 there is the show with the entire animation team. Every evening the team offers a cabaret, musical or ballet show and every Wednesday there are the “guest evenings”, where also guest of Lignano can take part in the shows with the entertainers.

A beach where it is possible to relax under the new beach umbrellas, a moment after doing physical activity on the soft sand and then have fun in a village surrounded by greenery. This is not a dream, this is the beach of Lignano Pineta. Don’t let it escape, you still have time to enjoy a dream vacation in Lignano!

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