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Great success for the fireworks “Incendio del Mare” in Lignano Pineta

Published: Monday, 27 August 2012

Lignano Pineta fireworks

Fireworks in Lignano Pineta

Even this year the fireworks “Incendio del Mare” has had a considerable success and a large audience.

The evening of the fireworks in Lignano Pineta, that traditionally held on August 16, took on the beach, on the terraces of the beach-bars and in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo thousand of tourists on holiday and commuters.

The event is a must, in fact, thanks to the wonderful sceneries offered every year by many dealers of the city and to the news that always leave open-mouthed all audience, even those who see the fireworks every year.

Even this year the sea in front of the beach of Lignano Pineta caught fire with the numerous fireworks shot from Pontile a Mare, on where is located the bar Pagoda, and from two motorboats moored about 300 metres from the coast.

At 23.30 started the first crackers, but already half an hour before many people went to the beach to grab the best seats.

Between colours and sparks, of particular impacts were the red waterfalls of fire, which from the pier poured into the sea, giving the idea of a burning sea. But also some fireworks that, shot from the motorboats, floated on the water, like red and orange flames.
A very beautiful and incredible glance, so much that the public clapped this new choreography, where for a few seconds no other fireworks were shot and then was silent.
A wonderful atmosphere, in fact.

Other applause for the parachutes. Beautiful fireworks that, once exploded, left fly in the air red balloons with a golden tail, bright until they touched the sea. Children were really amazed.

Then the beautiful dialogue of luminous fountains between the Pontile a Mare and the two motorboats, a show which illuminated the sea and the beach of Lignano Pineta, not to mention the grand finale with a continuous series of colourful fireworks.

Half an hour of great show, preceded by another show of music and entertainment in Piazza Marcello D’Olivo “Aspettando i fuochi” (Waiting for the fireworks).

Tourist enjoyed this event before the fireworks “Incendio del Mare”, as well as walk along the commercial street, eat a good ice cream and shopping.

Once the show ended, the public is poured into the city centre, for a last tour with children or a drink in one of the fashion bars before going back to their apartments in Lignano Pineta.

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